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Tampere Upper Secondary School for Adults (Aikuislukio) has been an active place of education for the past fifty years, offering adults as well as other types of students flexible and efficient means of doing individual upper secondary school studies and ways to achieve the full upper secondary school certificate.

A typical student is usually a young adult, but the ages of students tend to vary a lot.

In addition to providing upper secondary school education, the school also offers certificate oriented comprehensive education for adult immigrant students who have not yet completed the Finnish basic education.

The preparatory education programme for upper secondary school (LUVA) is meant to prepare the student for upper secondary studies by improving the student’s knowledge and learning skills in the Finnish language as well as other important school subjects such as mathematics and sciences, social studies and history, student counselling and other optional studies.

Language requirements for students planning to study in Aikuislukio:

The general language level requisite for students wishing to enrol for courses is B1 (intermediate).

Additionally, the syllabus ‘Finnish as a second language’ is offered only to those students who are aiming to obtain the Upper secondary school certificate at the end of their studies. The length of this syllabus is six courses.

While most subjects are taught in Finnish (such as mathematics and sciences), the foreign language courses make heavy use of the language taught on each of the courses. A good grasp of the Finnish grammar is still required on these courses because Finnish is used as a point of reference and comparison to these languages.

The Upper Secondary School for Adults does not offer basic level courses in the Finnish language at the moment. Students who wish to start learning the language on their own before applying for upper secondary school studies can do so by searching and enrolling for courses offered in the Tampere region on Infopankki.


The School applies a similar language policy in its other language courses as well. For example students who wish to study English as a level-A (advanced) language, must have completed at least 6 years of primary schooling or have sufficient and demonstrable evidence of their language skills in the language which they wish to study before applying for upper secondary school courses.